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About Us

Oon Jai is an organization that seeks to alleviate poverty in Southeast Asia by promoting practical, sustainable, and healthy living. It is an industrial program designed to not only teach fundamental principles in starting an income-source but to encourage and inspire attendees to value natural resources so a lasting legacy can be imparted to future generations.

At the core of the program is the idea that with appropriate mentorship, training and opportunity, a person can stop the cycle of poverty in their family. At Oon Jai, we do not consider poverty to be solely lack of monetary means. Poverty is a lack of educational opportunity, good nutrition, mentorship, and business development.

Oon Jai is a three-way project:

  • An organic farm where we assist in equipping farmers with the methods/skills necessary to produce adequate food, live healthier lives, and provide financial security for themselves and their families.
  • A lifestyle centre where people learn plant-based medical remedies for a longer and healthier lifestyle. They also learn preventative medicine, the ability to combat addiction, and reverse diseases. By teaching preventative methods, such as proper diet, good nutrition and hygiene, we hope to help the people have a better lifestyle.
  • Oon Jai English: an English program targeting villages and people who cannot afford to come to the city and learn English.

Our Values


Willingness to sympathize with others and care for their needs


A friendly, family atmosphere where people are the priority in our projects and goals.


Mentor, encourage, and provide a chance for opportunities.


People are cared for on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.


To deal honestly and fairly in all aspects of our operations.

Our Mission And Vision

Oon Jai’s Mission statement

“Empowering local people in developing countries through mentorship and sustainable methods of health, education, and farming.”

Oon Jai’s Vision Statement

“To implement sustainable programs that ensure people in developing countries have the mentorship and opportunity needed to build a better and more healthful life—for themselves and others.”