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Oon Jai English

Oon Jai English is a popular program that grew out of our ongoing work at Oon Jai Farm; Its success seems to stem from its simplicity. Ingredients include; Sunday mornings, straw mats, three whiteboards, an ever-growing company of volunteers, and a huge group of children and adults from neighboring villages all eager to learn English. After dividing into age-appropriate groups, we take the next few hours to laugh, learn, play games, and sing songs together. At the end of the program, everyone always goes home a little happier. Love truly is the beginning of education.

Knowing English is important because the English language is practically a universal form of communication. Nowadays, as our world becomes more globalized, the ability to speak English has become a standard. It’s unfortunate, as many people can’t afford to pay for English lessons. Hence: #oonjaienglish


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